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Day 3 & 4: Kenting (垦丁) and Taichung (台中), Taiwan

Day 3 

Picking up from where i left. We woke up bright and early at 7.45am to go to Kenting on the third day. Truth be told, we were supposed to meet at the lobby at 7.30am because we actually rented a car to drive to Kenting. We only woke up when our friends came knocking on our door and i yelled 5mins while stumbling to get into the bathroom wtf. We obviously took more than 5mins haha so the rest left to get the car first and we cabbed down to meet them.

Looking as dead as my soul

A rare picture of me stoning in front of food because i was dead tired

I lost count of how many shots i downed in Muse, i think at least 12 shots? We really drank a lot that night hahaha but surprisingly, i wasn't drunk and i didn't even have a hangover the next day. I was really tired though cos we only slept for 3 hours.

Headed to Mudan Hot Spring to 泡温泉 and i felt so much better instantly.

We went to the public hot spring and it only cost NT250 if i'm not wrong. You can stay as long as you want so i guess it's pretty value for money. After that, we went to 白沙湾 since it was along the way to go to Kenting.

It was soooooo windy up there omg. The best part was i didn't bring a jacket with me so i was just wearing a thin long sleeve shirt and a skirt. Almost froze to death lol.

 The wind really never give chance sia 

 Italiano for dinner

 Omg the fried milk is the bombz

Chicken wing stuffed with glutinous rice. Another of my favourite too.

We also drove up to the peak to release fireworks and the most epic thing happened to us. I wrote it in my IG caption and briefly shared it on Twitter but i'm just gonna pen this incident here in detail because it's way too funny. The sun sets at around 5-5.30pm in Taiwan when we were there so by the time we wanted to play with fireworks, it was already dark (which was the point, no?). The area we drove up to has no street lamp at all so it was literally just pitch black there. 

Daph's bf, Javier, released the first firework and somehow i think the sparks got onto his hands so obviously that hurt. As a result, we decided to put it on the floor to release the fireworks instead of holding it. In total darkness, we lit the fireworks and stood about 2 arm's length away with phones and cameras in our hands, hoping to capture a good shot. We were hopeful until what i saw was a dash of fireworks ON THE FLOOR. Y'all can infer from the pictures that Kenting was really windy right? So the wind actually toppled the firework stick - instead of facing the sky, it was on the ground. Still unable to register what just happened, the next firework (one stick releases 7 times) just went shooting towards our direction hahahahaha. What followed next was just fireworks going off with flashes of light shooting towards us and our screams and laughter as we ran for our lives. I swear every time i stopped to see whether the fireworks ended, the next boom sent it chasing after us again LOL. This is the highlight of the trip and i'll never forget this haha.

Day 4

As usual, I woke up bright and early just so we could have breakfast before we set off to Taichung. While we hunted for the place to have breakfast on the second day (read here), we walked past this shop near our hotel so I decided to try it before we leave Kaohsiung. 

1. 起司蛋饼
2. 烧肉蛋饼

Since it was a random small shop, i didn't have much expectation. Boy, was i surprised? To be honest, i actually liked this one more than the one we had on day 2. To think i actually googled the one we had on day 2 and it was semi-famous. 

 I especially like the cheese one hehe. So damn good omg. Their soybean milk was also very nice, the sweetness was just right for me. 

Cannot decide which one to post so i upload all haha

Top: F21
Bottom: Taobao
Beanie: Sis's
Shoes: New Balance

Off to Taichung lo

Ying and i shared a 便当 on the train. You see, Taiwan is also known for their 便当 BUT somehow we had no luck with it. The "authentic" one was always closed but we just wanna try their 便当 so we bought from another kiosk. Verdict: So so only leh. So I'll be back to try the real one next time!

 Our room in Taichung was really big for just the 2 of us hehe

Imo, 逢甲夜市 has the nicest and tastiest street food among Kaohsiung, Taichung and Taipei. I found myself missing the food here constantly. My favourite is the fried meatball with cheese inside (below), grilled muah chee (below) and their taro milk. Their taro milk is the freaking bombz. We stayed in Taichung for only 2 nights and both nights, i bought their taro milk tea. Ahhhh~ i want it so badly now :(

This Angel Devil(?) fried chicken was also pretty good. But there are knock-offs in the same area so my advice is to go to the one inside, near the game area. It's right beside/in front of the basketball shooting area. This store claimed to be the original one and Daph recommended this and i mean i've also tried it and it was good so yup. 

Lol this is one of the knock-offs in the night market. I unknowingly captured this but i just wanted to show y'all the crowd.

Grilled muah chee omg. I ordered the peanut one and love it so muchhhhh. The one i tried in Seletar Mall really ought to be ashamed lol. 一个天一个地

Ying said she wanted to try 黑轮 and this stall had the word "黑轮" written really big and there were so many people. We decided to get a bowl to share. It's something like yong tau foo and you just choose your own ingredients. I asked her to choose while i get the table since she wanted it. When our bowl came, she asked me "actually what is 黑轮 ah?" I said i don't know. We decided to google it and it turned out she didn't even pick 黑轮  haha. So we came here to try 黑轮 but we didn't even order that. Why my friend so retarded? Lol

 BUY THIS! You will not regret. 

Meatball with cheese stuffing

I was really stuffed as the night progressed but when we walked past this shop, i couldn't control so i went inside and bought one. Omg best decision ever. I went to heaven after sinking my mouth into this ball of goodness.

Since we had some time, we wandered into Feng Jia University. Haha we were just curious because we saw a number of people going into and out of the university ground so we decided to go in and take a look. There wasn't anything except for a few DIY Christmas trees and a few groups of students.

Before heading back, we went to the convenience store because i wanted to get bananas (lol). the end, we left with 2 bananas, 1 yakult and 2 mini vodka, 1 mini bacardi and 1 jack daniels. Initially, I wanted to get a can of beer to chill in our hotel room but i saw that their mini liquors were so cheap so we decided to get some of those instead.

Next post will be on Cing Jing, accompanied by the first part (day 1 to 5) of the travel vlog! ^^

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